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Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

At Buffalo Creek Academy, the last words of our mission statement are “positively impact our community". Our Civic Engagement program has been designed as an integrated part of our school curriculum. We believe that it is important for our students to connect their academic achievement with our community development. We believe that civic engagement is not a course, it is a mindset and an essential part of our school culture.

The adults at Buffalo Creek lead by example, we participated in and lead many Civic Engagement Campaigns for the Buffalo area. Below are a few examples of our campaigns.

US Census Awareness 2020

“I Count, Do you?”

In collaboration with the US Census Bureau, Buffalo Creek Academy staff and future students launched our “I Count, Do You?” Campaign; distributed census material, and hosted a census awareness dinner.


U.S Census Information Distribution at Perry Housing.


US Voter Registration Awareness Sept 2020


Community Outreach During the COVID Pandemic

Free School Supplies for Remote Learning Drive

Buffalo Creek Academy leaders distributed free school supplies while abiding by social distancing guidance.


Free Personal Protective Equipment Drive

Buffalo Creek Academy leaders distributed free masks and gloves to community members in the Tops Grocery store on Jefferson Ave and the Dollar Store on East Delavan Ave.

 Delavan-Grider Community Center Food Drive
Johnnie B. Wiley
Pavilion Food Drive
Ferry & Grider
Housing: Free Summer BBQ
for community children.

Public Housing Outreach

We conducted cookout/food-drives at the Frederick Douglas Housing, Perry Housing, Lakeview Housing, and Ferry & Grider Housing.